Managed services

The Problem Statement:

A huge mobile subscriber base of India (approx. 800 million) and the online wave of social media applications like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn is overwhelming. This change in people’s behaviour from rudimentary mentality has created an acute need for the mobile operators to constantly innovate & think out of the box to increase their revenues.

Our offerings:

  • The launch of pocket-friendly smartphones is helping the cause of VAS services.
  • Launch of 4G is now expected to give the Indian Mobile VAS market a huge boost.

Some of the benefits that an operator can get by implementing our M-VAS services:

  • Additional revenue growth through streamlined operations and delivery.
  • Reduced cost of operation due to outsourcing.
  • Reduced time to market for VAS services – edge over competitors.
  • Efficiency in the operation.
  • Impulsive response time to cater the changing trendy market needs – dashboards and reports.